corporate profile

Company Overview

Company Name a-Socca, Inc.
CEO Nobuo Nakamura, Ph.D
Adress 4-14-302 Tyayano-cho, Ashiya-city, Hyogo, Japan
Tel & Fax +81-797-55-6300
Establish Day 14th of April, 2005

Our Work

1) Creating Business Model Innovation
2) Transfering Eco-Technology to developing countries
3) Incuvating for ventures towards Creating Shared Value

Career of CEO

1996.3 Obtained Master of Eng. From Osaka University, Japan, “Environmantal Accounting System for Basin of Lake-Biwa and Yodo River with Interrelated Economic Environmental Activities”
1996.4 –2003.5 Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
2005.4- Founded a-Socca, Inc. / CEO
2013.3 Obtained Dr. of Eng. from Osaka University, Japan, “Proposal of a Methodology for Supporting Eco-Business Planning”



〒659-0067 兵庫県芦屋市茶屋之町4-13-302